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Audax Energía SA is a company that operates in the energy sector in the production and marketing of electricity and gas. Born in Spain in 2012, it is now present on the markets of Germany, Holland, Portugal, Poland and Italy.

The Group has more than 300,000 customers throughout Europe, 1,900 employees and over 40 different companies that gravitate around it. With a constantly growing turnover and the desire to expand its market shares, Audax occupies leading positions in the countries where it is present: seventh company in the Spanish electricity market, fourth in the Dutch one and ninth in the Portuguese one. With a significant increase in Germany and Poland.


Innovation, sustainability, attention to customers, an eye to other markets: right from the start Audax has shown that it is a balanced mix of these elements.

For example, Audax Renovables, the Group company dedicated to the production of electricity from clean sources, with 185 MW of installed capacity and 5 wind farms in operation and under construction located in Spain, France, Poland and Panama, is one of the main Iberian operators in the renewable energy sector. More than 35% of the energy marketed by Audax comes from renewable sources.

The launch of new services and the introduction of unprecedented tariff solutions go in the direction of an ever-increasing ability to respond to the diversified needs of users, in an energy market that until a few years ago was inflexible and dominated by large companies that are hardly inclined to change.


Experience shows that investing in the future, promoting transformations, knowing how to make decisions quickly are essential ingredients for growth and, therefore, guaranteeing an even more efficient and satisfying service.

Focus on people, encourage entrepreneurship, stimulate ideas, generate opportunities. In this way, value is brought not only to the company but to society in general, as evidenced by the creation of almost 2,000 jobs.

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