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Anyone who has a television set in the place where they live is required to pay the television subscription fee or RAI license fee.

The RAI license fee must be paid only once a year and only once per registered family, provided that the family members reside in the same home.

The art. 1 paragraphs 152 to 159, L. 208/2015, starting from the year 2016, provided:
i) the presumption of possession of the television set in the event that there is a user for the supply of electricity in the place where a person has his/her registered residence;
ii) the payment of the RAI license fee by the owners of an electricity user for residential domestic use, by charging it on the electricity invoice issued by their seller.

It is expected that residents abroad will also have to pay the RAI license fee if they own a home in Italy where there is a television set.

The amount of the RAI license fee for the year 2018 is equal to Euro 90.00, and is divided into 10 monthly installments of the same amount from January to October of each year.

NB Anyone who has a radio or TV set in the premises of their business (so-called special TV license fee for public establishments) is required to pay the RAI license fee using the F24 form (by 31 January) and not by charging it on the invoice. electric energy. Statements

In order to avoid having the RAI license fee charged on the invoice, the residential domestic customer can submit a substitute declaration with annual validity (so-called substitute declaration of non-possession - Table A) with which he declares, under his own responsibility (articles 75 and 76 Presidential Decree 445/2000), informs the Revenue Agency that in none of the homes where the electricity supply is activated there is a TV set of one's own or of a member of his/her registered family.

Through the same model the Customer can also present:

· Declaration in lieu of the presence of another electricity user for the charge (Table B), with which the Customer declares that the RAI license fee is not due;
· Declaration of change in assumptions (Table C), with which the Customer gives notice of the modification of the declarations made previously.


End customers, over the age of 75 and with an annual income not exceeding 6,713 Euros, by completing a specific form to which it is necessary to attach a copy of a valid identity document, can request the Revenue Agency the exemption from the payment of the RAI license fee (so-called Self-exemption declaration)


If the RAI fee not due and charged on the electricity invoice is paid, the Customer who owns the supply (or his heir) can request reimbursement of the amount paid by submitting a specific form.

Once the communication has been received from the Revenue Agency and within 45 days of receiving it, Audax will credit the amount unduly paid by the Customer on the first available invoice. If the refund is not successful, it will be carried out directly by the Revenue Agency.

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